Why God Commands Us to Rest – And Why We Need to Listen!

Why God commands us to rest - and why we need to listen

Our world puts so much pressure on us to work harder, faster and squeeze more in to our already overloaded lives. Many of us are feeling more and more exhausted. Many of us are looking for an alternative lifestyle. Many of us are seeking ways of having lives which reflect more of a balance between […]

Connecting With God in the Busyness of Life

connecting with god in the busyness of life

One of the biggest challenges for today’s Christians is to connect with God in the busyness of life. To strike a balance in life between the sacred and the practical. To know moments of stillness in the middle of busyness. To slow down enough to sit at Jesus’ feet once in a while. And to […]

Intentional Rest – Sabbath Living

Intentional Rest - Sabbath Living

In our busy, fast-paced, multi-tasking, high achieving world I am more and more convinced that Christians need to demonstrate a God-given balance of work, rest and play. We need to be intentional about taking┬árest, choosing not to overload our schedules and taking time to enjoy God and each other. We need to be intentional about […]