How to Connect With God…YOUR Way!

How to connect with God your way

When we think about our spiritual lives it’s easy to get caught up in the ought tos. I ought to connect with God in the way the everyone else seems to. I ought to have a good quiet time following this method. I ought to have my time with God at this time of day. […]

Things That Can Sabotage Our Morning Quiet Times

Things that can sabotage your morning quiet times

The idea of connecting with God and having a good quiet time as the first thing we do each day is something which appeals to many of us. We see the benefits of putting God first, seeking His wisdom before we do anything else and offering all we are going to do in our day […]

How to Prayer Walk

How to prayer walk

One of the things that I’m intentional about is walking to and from school with my kids. Although we do occasionally use the car, I believe it’s important to walk and try my best to do this as often as we can. The hopeful part of me believes that it is a valuable sharing time […]

Stirred By the Word – How to Get More From the Bible

The Bible - Are you stirred by the word?

For a long time as a Christian I would read the Bible and wonder what all the fuss was about – I know it sounds awful but it’s true!  I would always be left thinking “Yeah?” like somehow I just wasn’t getting it. However, God put in my heart a yearning to go deeper into […]

How to Develop a Good Quiet Time in a Month

How to develop a good quiet time in a month

It can be a real challenge to stay consistent in our quiet times can’t it? We have so many things in our lives competing for our attention that we face the struggle of interruptions, distractions and exhaustion – all of which can sabotage our quiet times, disrupt our routine and make us feel like we […]